can i
three hundred miles separate us
every time i see you/i create us
from the essence of everything
i hope for
form you from the substance of everything
i pray for
loving GOD is why i live
but loving you is
what i was made for
from hours that felt like seconds
i remember you
mimicking leaves
i fall to your feet
in the september of you
build castles from the snow
in the december of you
in the spring sing your praises
as our castles disappear into the soil
feeding flowers that sneak into view
every morning i awake with a desire to
conquer the distance between us
just to place a rose at your door
each time with a card/that read
i wanted to write what i felt/but
it was much too hard
until one day/the card will read
these are questions to give you an idea
of what i'm trying to say
i hope not of place/but can i
pour you into a glass of forever to
see what you taste like
undress your soul/so i can
know what look like
let your heart pump blood through me/so i can
understand what you feel/like you understand
what you feel/can i steal
your worries and your fears/
analyze them and break them and break them down/until
i know what the beginning of your tears sounds like
can i/write a poem across your favorite star
for you to read at night
maybe find a dragon to slay or giant to fight
for the chance you might/touch my face
maybe find a trace of what you dream of
possibly fall in love/forever young
years melting like honey on the tongue
versus of serenity flying on angels wings
life becomes sweeter as i
sip your lips in rhythm to life's perfect meter
i remember going to sleep to give you my rib
can i be
the ink flowing from your pen/because
poetry is the heart's song and we must sing to live
if everything is right
can we create life
can i watch you
breast feed our seed as we
reminisce on the bliss that created him
as we rock him to sleep
in hours too late to be day
and too early to be night
can i hold you
with arms and eyes tight
age takes my strength
time takes my sight
and my lungs can no longer
hold the breath of life
can i