drum be pastor
the drum be the pastor
the drum be a holy hotline
i think i'll dial it/ and have a talk
with GOD
the drummer drums/ the sermon comes
the drummer drums/ the sermon comes
the drum be the pastor
and our bodies be the pews our souls sit in
while we be moved by the message
the drum be speaking in the divine dialect of the most high
ministering in the tongues of angels
and our movements be the interpretation
given to us by his holy spirit
dance congregation of the righteous
sing songs and chant chants all you saints
engulf yourself in hypnotic rhythm
rhythm of revelation
rhythm of repentance
rhythm of praise
rhythm of worship
rhythm of universal oneness
rhythm of creation
pulsating in faithful fingertips
whose purpose it is to transcribe
the utterances of He
that is/was/and shall ever be
because it is He that be
before everything was
and if we don't praise him
the rocks will cry out
enter into his gates with thanksgiving
enter into his courts with praise
the drum be the pastor
preach drum
i'll walk through the garden with adam
i'll sit with abraham and watch him make his
i'll be blessed with isaac and climb jacob's ladder
preach drum
i'll prophecy with isaiah/jeremiah/elijah/elisha/and
i'll pass through the sea with moses
interpret dreams with daniel
reason with solomon

preach drum
i'll hear a voice in the wilderness crying/prepare a way
preach drum
i'll be crucified and resurrected on the third day
preach drum
i'll return in the clouds riding a white horse
preach drum
preach drum
preach drum
i'll hear GOD
preach drum
i'll learn of GOD
when i drum/when i drum
i drum for GOD
GOD drums through me
when i drum
the drum be the pastor
the drum be a holy hotline
i'll think i'll dial it
and have a talk
with GOD