it takes a g
i see you
patrolling the block like vice with an attitude
sucking down forties like they were water
and selling dope like it was fast food
parceling up private property you don't own
a self-proclaimed ghetto prince
a street corner is your throne
you make babies and pimp ladies
because you claiming mac
and just in case someone gets in your face
you keep a nine in the small of your back
you start wars like car engines
and label yourself a player because you think
that you're badder than everyone else
but in reality/you're not a factor/you're an actor
who can only claim player
because of the way you keep playin' yourself
you're the low man on the totem pole
done sold your soul/to make seven or eight figures
for some drug lord
while taking ninety-percent of the risk
but if you're blood is spilled
it's just another brother killed
then your position is filled
and if you live/then
your reward is a hooker's cut of the profit
pimpin' ain't easy
but somebody's got to do it
but wouldn't it be a shock
if i put/your mother/your sister/your daughter/and/your woman
on the block and kept them strung out on rock
and everybody thought it was cool
so i was continually getting jocked
and you were always getting jacked/for whatever you got
i wonder if making a baby makes you a man
or abandoning it makes you a mac
i think it makes you a misguided misfit
who managed to crawl out of the sewer
who needs too be tarred, feathered
hog tied and crucified/that's how i'm gonna do ya
like b0000000000yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cause i can see right through you
you can't hang with the big boys
or play with the big toys
so you come to the little land
and try to be the big man
but it's not until the big boys come to the little land
that i comprehend you
the only difference between you
and the people you pimp
is how much it costs to run up in you
and i don't care if i offend you
and here's an ironic message/i need to send you
you probably want to know who i am
but you wouldn't know me if i told you
my life story and my name
because it take g to know a g/and you can't see me
because only game recognize game