pizza in the hood
trying to figure out the politics
of the ghetto has led me to conclude
there is no foreign trade policy for
the hood. nor does the trickle down theory
apply to those whose water has been shut
off - democracy has been bought out for
an undisclosed amount; word on the street
is, its new owner is disparity
who is now subsidizing substandard
housing projects for those who qualify
only negroes and white trash need apply
and when traveling to the suburbs don't
forget your passport, police escort, and
good excuse: i'm going to pizza hut
because they don't deliver in the hood
i would order dominoes, but nafta
didn't include third world cities
so they deliver black market pizzas
that taste like injustice. my card died, can't
go out now, so i walk to burger king
at 8 pm, but can't get in because
the dining room closed down at 6 pm
can't walk through the drive thru, contemplating
the fifty blocks to the nearest fast food
i wonder what other options do the
children have except chips, pop and candy
at the overpriced arab stores selling
cigarettes and liquor to minors for
food stamps they'll buy a half face value
sitting secluded in my discontent
i'm trying to figure out why it's so
hard to get a pizza brought to the hood
drugs get delivered twenty-four-seven
maybe the suppliers could make a deal
with pizza hut, to deliver seven
pizzas per day, per kilo sold, except
on sundays and holidays when you'll get
a 2 for one special and a vile of
crack will get you a free two-liter or
an order of bread sticks, never forget
your hunger is nothing addiction is
everything, obey your addiction get
high/when you get the munchies/remember
pizza is not a choice for inner city
dwellers, even automatic tellers
close down fearing illegal withdrawals
what's next, armed mail delivery, army
artillery protecting rite aid, a
shortage on lemonade because farmers
are afraid of dissatisfied ghetto
juveniles renting john deer tractors for
drive-byes, why ask why, cops are always there
to give tickets, but have a forty-five
minute response time to crime, and 9-l-l
sent paramedics two hours too late
to medicate my cousin's stroke, and now
i miss her - maybe e.m.s. could take orders
and if they take longer than a half-hour
they can feed the family members of
the deceased tasty pieces of pizza
that they couldn't et any other time
maybe i'm overreaching, to the
fact that pizza hut don't deliver to
my urban habitat, poverty in
black is probably intimidating
and i shouldn't find it degrading that
there's not a big enough profit in a
onion, green pepper and cheese to risk the
facilitating of my hunger's need to
feed on a scrumptious thick crust to feed my lust
for justice in any form, then again
maybe hell ain't warm and color is just a uniform
used to decide what side of town pizza
is delivered to, and if you're black then
the color is "definitely not you."