sarcasm is the orgasm that gets me off
when i can feel absolutely nothing
for example/when i ignore ignorant people
just because they're saying something
maybe what i need to help me succeed is
a rated r movie/rock-n-roll/gangsta rap/
a hate inspired racial attack/a six pack/
a government linked phone tap/pornography/
violence on tv/a std/political hypocrisy/
parents who neglect me/
a system making too much money off of my negative acts-
to positively correct me/an incurable-man made disease-
to terminally infect me/illiteracy/uncontrollable greed/
a cop like furman/ a preacher who considers passing the plate-
a sermon/and a meeting with president clinton so i can begin learning
how not to inhale when smoking weed
without these things
life would be like soda pop-without the fizz
i can't believe what a wonderful world this is
or think of a better place to raise my kids
ooooooooh/that felt so gooooood/yes/Y E S
sarcasm is the orgasm that makes me excrete
premature thoughts that are incomplete
like-when i send money to hungry children in cambodia
and throw trash at the hungry children who sleep in my streets
children who act as if they need shelter over their heads
look human enough to be fed/to have clothes on their backs/
or shoes on their feet
gimmie a break
we have to settle disputes in bosnia/iran/iraq/and kuwait
before we deal with the problems in the united states of hysteria
i think i'm about to reach my apex
so if you don't want to get doused
please clear the area
garbage men/oops/engineers of sanitation
get paid more to dispose of waste than teachers get to educate a nation
that couldn't be why the country is in such a state of deterioration
maybe people have retreated into themselves
because of overwhelming frustration
and the resulting problems/plagues/and pains
are the result of unfulfilling self-induced stimulations
and the reason people are getting jacked by others
is because jacking off has become a played out sensation
N A W - it couldn't be that
sarcasm is the orgasm that gives me spasms in my back
did you know in jail terms
a kilo of coke is less than a vile of crack
what i meant to say is
did you know that the rich don't get richer
and that the poor don't get treated unfairly
it's all a matter of perception
the only difference between screwing /and being screwed
is just a matter of position and the source of the erection
and if you happen to notice any VoCaL iNfLeCtioNs
i'm simply getting one off
without your detection
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh/was it good for you
sarcasm is my orgasm/and i'm not ashamed to flaunt it
and since i got what i wanted-beat it
i'm through